Health Safety Security and Environmental Policy (QHSSE)

Health, safety, security and environment issues are our priority. This element becomes the important things to be implemented in our company operation. Our mission on QHSSE issues is to prevent any accident, protect environment and employees, client and any possibility of incident.

To achieve this mission, it’s our social obligation to ensure the trusty of our clients and public towards AIMS-GLOBAL HOLDINGS SDN BHD. Therefore, necessary action being taken among our officers and employees to ensure their respective job responsibility will be based on following policies:-

1. Training

We provide training on the QHSSE policies and procedures to the employees and those who are dealt with us to accomplish the effective work and acknowledgement regarding important of QHSSE.

2. Adhere the rules and regulations (R&R)

We have adhered the rules and regulations of the QHSSE policies in our procedures and working practice.

3. Zero accident and incident

To prevent possibility of accident and incident, we have carried out risk management and works monitoring as to provide safe working condition, we endeavored to achieve the target of zero accident and incident.

4. Towards Improvement

We built all safety aspects in the company management systems for each operation level. Besides that, we protect the environment and also increase the level of quality management system in our organization. In addition we manage the achievement by sharing the information within the companies in the same field.

AIMS-GLOBAL HOLDINGS SDN BHD will ensure the officers and employees implement their works according to the above policies.